01.Tax Agent Contract for Individuals and Corporations

You can select your contract from the following 5 depending on your needs:

  • A Promotional Course for Start-ups
  • B Transfer to Self-bookkeeping Course
  • C Self-cashbook Course or Self-bookkeeping Course
  • D Tax Agent and Bookkeeping Contract

In any course, you can enjoy our professional services of
■Quick and easy communication in a private chatroom
■Timely trial balance sheet
■Efficient operations on cutting edge accounting system
■Sound and sustainable tax savings
■Adequate and strategic preparation for tax audits.

To maximize the effects of tax saving strategies, it is not enough to simply have a meeting before filing taxes but you need to stay on top of the numbers in your business throughout the fiscal year. We consider a monthly meeting important for the purposes of sound tax savings in order to take necessary actions before it is too late.

Your are welcome to our free initial consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

02.Tax Representative Administrator


If you wish to keep your real estate investments without tax troubles, you must assign a tax representative administrator who is professional in Japanese taxation, Certified Pub.ic Tax Accountant or CPTA. I provide:

  • A Standard Services in English and Japanese
  • B Tax Consulting and Tax Return Preparation when required.
  • C Free Basic Tax Inquiries by CPTA

My taxation services include work as a tax representative administrator or 納税管理人 nouzei-kanrinin (hereafter TRA) to my non-resident clients throughout Japan and outside of Japan via the internet in English and Japanese. I also provide tax consulting and tax return preparation services as a CPTA, of course.

My fees for TRA services depend on the type and quantity of assignment when the service is associated with tax consultation and tax return preparation.

However, if the service is exclusively limited to the TRA (a simple liaison responsibility only), the basic fee is 25,000 yen* per year.
On top of that, I charge 3,000 yen* per contact from the Japanese tax office or 税務署 zeimusho (hereafter JTO) and transfer the document to the client via email or upload to a cloud storage service in scanned PDF format, with an English explanation.

In the case the JTO requests any response, such as submitting a form or further contact with the JTO by phone for additional information, I charge 5,000 yen* per hour instead of the fixed charge of 3,000 yen* detailed above.

Most of my clients under my TRA service pay around 50-60,000 yen* per year.
Additionally, when clients contact me for general tax questions, I respond free of charge.
Tax advisory services and tax return preparations which are the services only CPTA are allowed to provide under the CPTA Act of Japan or 税理士法 zeirishi-hou are charged separately.

* Consumption tax is not included, and actual expenses, such as mailing stamps and phone calls, are also charged as incurred.

If you are interested in my tax representative administrator services, please do not hesitate to contact me at 090-5814-7169 or email to You are very welcome at any time.

03.Capital Gains Tax Return Preparation

Are you sure you are not losing money on that tax return?

  • A Can you determine fractional interests in your property considering capital gains?
  • B Have you determined fractional interests in your property considering inheritance taxes?
  • C Did you meet all the detailed requirements for deductions and credits?
  • D Do you want financial results on each property and consulting on advantages of incorporation

Taxes are computed for each tax payer.
Do you determine fractional interests in properties considering saving capital gain taxes and inheritance taxes? Seemingly insignificant details could determine whether the deductions or credits are applicable, and this results in the differences in your final tax payable; what is worse is that not every tax accountant has substantial knowledge and experience in real estate taxes because they are not filed regularly as with Corporation Income Tax.

Our office is one of only a few in which accountants regularly take care of real estate taxes throughout the year, so we are able to take away your concerns about real estate taxes instantly.
We cover overseas property assignments, too.

Please use our free initial consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

04.Busines Start-up and Incorporation Support Services

Aren’t you troubled by these business start-up issues?

  • A In need of a realistic business plan to avoid failure!
  • B Shortage of funds, or worse you cannot prepare an effective business plan for loan application.
  • C Lack of knowledge on accounting, financing, and taxation!
  • D Self-employment? Incorporation timing? What form of the corporation should you take?

We greatly respect your spirit of entrepreneurship. To show it to you, we offer our promotional prices of 10% discount of tax advisory fees for the initial year with us.
We know that it is not an easy task to increase sales or expand the business quickly, and you may suffer from a shortage of funds. We are willing to work with you through your challenging time. We will commit to bringing your business vision to reality.

You are welcome to our free initial consultation; we are looking forward to hearing from you.

05.Loan Application Support Services

You cannot leave financing duties to other people while you are busy running your core business.
Interest on borrowed funds depends on its purpose, repayment period, and how it is guaranteed. On top of these conditions, you must provide an application form meeting the purposes of type of target loan and a business plan prepared based on reliable financial and business data like the data computed by certified accountants.

A solo financing support service without a tax advisory contract is also welcome and we work on a contingency fee basis.

Please use our free initial consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

06.Subsidy Winning Support

Japan’s government has been pushing Labor Market Reform forward in order to accelerate efforts to resolve serious labor shortages in recent years. The Japanese government, promoting:

Following the reform policy, many administrative agencies and public institutions have been launching special measures providing subsidies for start-ups and smaller companies, small to medium-sized enterprises especially those founded or operated by women.
However, we know that it is very difficult to manage time to find applicable subsidies, to prepare an application form, and to attach complex documents.

We are willing to support you all the way to win the subsidy to the best of our ability.